Mickey Grant

Over 40 Years Directing Film and TV

The Cu Chi Tunnels, a Mickey Grant film, is the story of life underground told by the people who lived the experience. It is a story told by a surgeon, an artist, and actress, an engineer, and the few survivors of the guerilla band who left the tunnels each night to fight against an enemy of vastly superior strength. It was released in 1990 after nearly 5 years of shooting in Vietnam on 16mm film.  I rebuilt the tunnels on a stage in Ho Chi Minh City in order to do the recreations. I bought a small amount of footage shot by the former Viet Cong and dedicated the film to those cameramen who died in the tunnels of Cu Chi.

GENTLEMAN'S CHOICE is a story about a close friend of mine who it was ruled was killed in self defense. I consider the real murderer to be a mix of GHB and Alcohol. The film starts out with Chris wrestling at the height of his career in front of an audience of over 30,000 people at the Cotton Bowl in Dallas, Texas. I knew Chris for many years and considered him a good friend along with a handful of friends I had at the time, including Kevin Von Erich (one of the greatest person's I've ever known) and Gary Hart. This film is a documentary like my other serious films... I did not make it with the wrestling audience necessarily in mind. I made it for the serious documentary audience that often overlooks stories like this and passes them off in a negative way because it involves "wrestling."